How Much is Too Much?

Clutter. In our modern lives, it seems to be everywhere. Clutter in our homes, clutter in our schedules, clutter in our lives. A lot of the things we own and the things we do are awesome–blessings even. But how do we know when we need to cut back. How much is too much?

Energy Giving or Energy Draining?

The things in our lives are either giving us the energy to pursue the things we love or they’re draining the energy we could be using toward those things. Whether you’re looking at your closet or your schedule, you can use this question to assess if you have too much: Is this energy giving or energy draining? When you open your closet in the morning, is it energy giving or energy draining. If it’s energy draining, you probably have too much.

Try the same thing with your schedule. Before you agree to do something, ask whether it would be energy giving or energy draining. If it’s volunteering for a cause you’re passionate about, that’s energy giving. If it would be saying yes only because you would feel guilty saying no, that’s energy draining.

Is your clutter getting in the way of the good stuff?

What’s your “good stuff?” For me, it’s quality time with my family, my faith, and my writing. Clutter doesn’t just mean the junk in our homes. Clutter also includes schedule obligations, toxic relationships, shame or regret from your past, or emotions or self talk you’re hanging onto that doesn’t benefit you. In life we can look at almost anything and measure again whether or not it’s standing between you and your “good stuff.” Is it making your home more stressful? Is it taking away attention from your family? With so much available at our fingertips (information, products, activities), we have to learn to be careful curators of what we allow to come into our lives and what we allow to stay  in our lives.

So what areas do you feel like you have too much? What areas have you had to clear the clutter to make room for the good stuff? 

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